Personal Data



Name                                      Eduard Meder

Company                      Meder-Mainframe GmbH

Position/role                SAP BI/BW Senior Development Consultant


Phone no.                               +49 160 1851103

Nationality                    German

Home address             Neuss nearby Düsseldorf

Date of birth                           1954

Preferred Regions       Europe: All German speaking countries

Languages                   German or bilingual GER/ENG speaking projects

Availability 100 %       January 2018







IT - Experience since                   1975

SAP BW/BI Experience since      2006


SAP ABAP Certification              02/2006 

SAP NetWeaver '04 Development Consultant - Web Application Development Focus ABAP

                    Certification as file 


SAP BW powered by SAP HANA 04/2015

                    Confirmation as file 


SAP HANA (Delta SPS 09, Repeat)     04/2015

                    Certification as file   


SAP HANA (Delta SPS 11, Repeat)     02/2016

                    Certification as file   


SAP S/4HANA                                     02/2016

                     Certification as file  


SAP BW powered by SAP HANA 05/2016

                    Certification as file 


SAP BW (Delta SPS 12, Repeat) 12/2016

                    Confirmation as file 



PM Certification                                 10/2008 

                     Certification as file  




Availability 100 %                       by agreement 5 days / week

                                                    (preferred 4 +1 onsite/offsite)


Languages useable in projects    German as mother tongue, English fluent

Other languages                          (Croatian fluent (place of birth was Zagreb in Croatia),

                                                    Dutch basic knowledge, French basic knowledge



Comprehensive technical understanding in Finance/Controlling, CRM, SD, HR, MM and solution of complex scope of work

Analytical competences and customer oriented and independent working

Senior Consultant in fields of SAP BI/BW

Comprehensive experience for analysis, conception, development and maintenance, modeling, implementation and ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Load) for all LSA-Layer
 knowledge in ABAP for BI, Queries and


two “full cycle implementation” SAP BW DWH Projects at the clients MLP and CompuGroup Medical AG

nearly 40 years IT- experience, 10 years SAP BI/BW.

knowledge of non SAP technologies: Oracle and DB2

Motivated and efficient

Ability to install and configure software with minimum supervision

Ability to understand customer requirements without extensive

Documentation from the customer 

Readiness to travel



Building Enterprise, Energy, Banking, Steel, Automobile, Trading, Machinery, Chemistry, financial service provider, IT service provider

Application area BW and BI

SAP R3 Connection


SAP BI/BW (Business Information Warehouse)



SAP ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)


SAP ODS - Datasets

SAP BI/BW Administrator Workbench

SAP BW BEx Query Analyzer (Excel)

SAP BW BEx Query Designer/Analyzer (Web)

SAP WAD Web Application Designer

SAP APD Analysis Process Designer

SAP SAPConnect and Information Broadcaster

SAP NetWeaver BI Enterprise Portal

SAP CA Cross  Application components

SAP NetWeaver 6.20 Basic components

SAP Workbench Concepts

SAP Open SQL (High-performance Programming)

SAP LUW’s und Client/Server – Architecture

SAP Dialog programming

SAP Logical Data bases

SAP Locking Concept

SAP Authorization check

SAP Number assignment

SAP Personalization and Transaction variants

Junior SAP Web Dynpro for ABAP, since Feb. 2012

Junior SAP BPS Business Planning and Simulation

Junior SAP XI (Exchange Infrastructure)

Junior SAP XI (Integration Builder: Design, Configuration)

Junior SAP XI (System Landscape)

Junior SAP XI (Integration Monitoring)

Junior SAP Enhancements and modifications

Junior SAP Append- and CI-Structures

Junior SAP Customer Exits (Functions, Menus, Dynpros)

Junior SAP ALE = Application Link Enabling

Junior SAP IDoc = Intermediate Document

Junior SAP BTE = Business Transaction Events

Junior SAP BAdI = Business Add Ins

Junior SAP EDI = Electronic Data Interchange

Consulting Expertise SAP

- Implementation of InfoObjects, InfoProvider, DSOs, etc.

- Developing Concepts, Query layouts, technical specifications and

  solutions to transform business or analytical requirements into

  Business Warehouse

- Developing technical blueprints based on functional blueprints

  from backend to frontend

- Creation of process chains and data loading strategies

- Support to existing BWs for Incidents/Change requests

- Developing reports and publishing in SAP Portal

- Developing of data models (LSA-Concept)

- Transforming data model from key figure model to

  accounts model

- Integration, connection of existing tools into other partner systems

- Documentation of solutions and techincal descriptions

- Subproject management functions



NetWeaver 2004s Administrator Workbench

SAP BI/BW BEx Query Designer (Web)

SAP Analysis for Mircosoft Excel

BEx Query Analyzer (Excel)

BEx Broadcaster




ABAP4 OO - Workbench, MS Outlook



HP Application Lifecycle Management LCM 11.0

HP Service Manager 7.11 

UC4 Operations Manager V8.0 Process chain maintenance

Business knowledge and Projects


SAP BI 7.4:

06.2016 – today

Freelancer function at Hays Österreich GmbH for Zellstoff Pöls in Pöls/AU


Scopes: SAP BI 7.4 in SAP BI Project

subproject: BW and ERP Sources

Rolle: Technical Development Consultant SAP BW

- Concept and implementation "Annual reports of the

   Material management" using BEx Queries and Analysis for

   Microsoft Excel

·        Deviation analysis of the budget and actual quantities for pulp and paper materials

·        Top- Evaluations by supplier

·        Number of orders according to various characteristics

·        Input quantities and consumption quantities - Price development of various materials

·        Creating user manual for the use of Analysis for Mircosoft Excel

·        Designing and realizing Dataflow


- Migration BW-Objects from 3.5 to 7.01

·        Loading processes Stocks cubes MM and Purchasing

·        Loading processes Maintenance

·        Loading processes Human Resources

·        Loading processes Profitability analysis


- Enhencement of Report „Stock control report of short and long fibers“ by loading two key figures from SQL-DB-Source to BW

·        Define MSSQL-Source in  DB-Connect

·        Installation loading stream for the new Datasources of SQL-DB up to Cube

·        Adjusting  Multiprovider and Queries


- Enhencement and realization technical SAP BW Solutions

- Optimization of ETL in SAP BW

- Sources and Modules:     BI, ERP, FI, Flatfile, MSSQL

- New Tools:                      SAP Analysis for Mircosoft Excel



02.2016 – 05.2016     

Interim searching new project


self-study 5weeks course at Open.SAP.Com

- SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA covering the following topics:

·        SAP BW powered by SAP HANA – Intro

·        Data Integration & Management

·        Data Consumption & Analysis

·        Planning & Lifecycle Management

·        Updates for SAP BW 7.5 powered by SAP HANA


self-study 4weeks course at Open.SAP.Com

- Implementation of SAP S/4HANA covering the following topics:

·        Adoption Fundamentals

·        System Conversion and Innovation

·        New Cloud Implementation

·        New On-Premise Implementation


self-study 1week course at Open.SAP.Com

- Software Development on SAP HANA (Delta SPS 11)

Unit 1: Introduction to SAP HANA XS Advanced

Unit 2: Node.js

Unit 3: SAP HANA Deployment Infrastructure

Unit 4: Security and User Management

Unit 5: Tooling: XS Advanced Administration and Monitoring Tools, Application Role Builder, Debugging

Unit 6: Closing and Summery 

SAP BI 7.4:

12.2015 – 01.2016

Freelancer function at msg Plaut Deutschland GmbH für Schütz GmbH & Co. KGaA in Selters


Scopes: SAP BI 7.4 in SAP BI Project

subproject: BW for BP and ERP Sources

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- customize report for customer requirements

 “PIMA: Konsolidierter Bericht “

- enhencement and realization technical concept for report based

  on ERP-Sources and planning data from webdynpro

- changing currency conversion from query location to enable this 

  in staging level DSO to cube

- dataflow and Process chains:

- Sources and Modules: BI, CO, ERP, FI, Flatfile


SAP BI 7.3:

08.2015 – 11.2015

Freelancer function at IT Consulting Halle

Scopes: SAP BI 7.3 in SAP BI Project

subproject: BW for CRM and ERP Sources

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- customize reports of BI Content to customer requirements

 “Bauausgabebuch & Kostenprognose“

- development and realization technical concept for reports based on ERP-Sources

- selecting LIS-structures and setup extractions in SAP-BW

- Sources and Modules: BI, CO, ERP, FI, Flatfile


SAP BI 7.4:

04.2015 – 07.2015                      Interim searching new project 

self-study 4weeks course at Open.SAP.Com

-SAP BW powered by SAP HANA

·        Intro Data Integration & Management

·        Data Consumption & Analysis

·        Planning & Lifecycle Management

-Software Development on SAP HANA (Delta SPS 09, Repeat)

·        Update on Tooling, Core Data Services (CDS), and SQLScript

·        Update on XSODATA, API and New DB Interface in XSJS, and XSDS

·        Update SAP HANA Test Tools, REST API, XS Admin, SAP River and SAPUI5 UI

SAP BI 7.3:

08.2013 – 03.2015

full cycle implementation

Freelancer function at CompuGroup Medical AG in Koblenz

Scopes: SAP BI 7.3 in SAP BI Project

subproject: BW for CRM and ERP Sources

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Implementation “Enhence Extraction structures” and “Function Enhencement” in ERP- and CRM-Sourcesystem

- Implementation Campaign Management Connection supplying with BW-Data of Contract Headers, Items and Materials

- Implementation telecommunication devices (TC-devices) to SAP-BW using DB-Connect

- Implementation Zeus time sheet system to SAP-BW using DB-Connect on Oracle platform (DBMS=MSS)

- Administration CRM UI-Framework(Portal) for relevant BW-reports

- Developing Concepts, Query layouts

- customize reports of BI Content to customer requirements

- Work Force Management(WFM): Availability of All Employees

- Time Management Employees: Time Sheet CATS, Enterprise Resource Index HR

- Implementation APD-Processes for Informationen Customer-Fact-Sheet regarding Service-Tickets, Service-Dispatching

- Transportation to quality system and verifying running BW-Jobs

- Project documentation using JIRA, Confluence

- Sources and Modules: BI, CO, CRM, ERP, FI, MSSQL, Flatfile


05.2013 – 07.2013

Interim without freelancer function

SAP BI 7.3:

10.2012 – 04.2013

Freelancer function at Volkswagen Financial Services AG

in Braunschweig

Scopes: SAP BI 7.3 in SAP BI Project

subproject: Saldenkummulierungssystem(Sakusy)

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Cleansing of inactive BW-Objects in Sakusy

- Conception and realization confirmation reports no 604 and 242  

   according to Bank Accounting Directive

- Quarterly issue of report no 604 using Query and delivery using

  Broadcaster process

- Yearly issue of report no 242 using Query and delivery using

  Broadcaster process

- Changing Load actual data DSO “Aval“  from

  monthly(source=flatfile)  to daily(source=data source) load

  Implementation data load of DSO “Aval“ using  

  Metaextraktor(customer built exit to create generic datasource)

- Export 4 APDs from production system to development system

  and implementation of Enhancements

- Job-Development for UC4-Tool

- Sources and Modules: BI, CO, CRM, FI

SAP BI 7.3:

05.2012 – 09.2012

Freelancer function at RWE IT in Dortmund

Scope: Enhancements in actual SAP BI System

Subproject: E.CO(Reporting/Accounting for CRM department)

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Developing technical blueprints based on functional blueprints

- Loading actual data using flatfile 

- Enhancement of existing cubes

- Loading results of market monitor to business long period survey
- enhancement network access key figures and loading DSOs and Cubes

- Sources and Modules: BI, CO, CRM, FI

SAP BI 7.3:

10.2011 – 02.2012

Freelancer function at MLP AG in Wiesloch 2nd engagement

Scope: SAP BW/BI-Project Enhancements

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Analyzing APD-Processes for area performance measurements(PM) key figures "Line of business coverage consultant" and " Line of business coverage agency"

- Upgrading der Analysis processes and depending target data  provider with key figures for family and  single customer

- Generating historical data for new key figures for all DSOs data sources and Cube-targets

- Sources and Modules: BI, CO, CRM, FI, Flatfile

SAP BI 7.2:

09.2011 – 09.2011

Freelancer function at Boehringer in Ingelheim

Scope: Tasks in existing BW-project, Installation new EDWH

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Analyzing SAP BW/BI Data flow and Transformation rules for 62 SAP BI Reports

- Top-Down analysis of 62 SAP BI reports

- Analysis data sources in ERP-System and schedule of relevant data sources

- Report analysis for modeling requirements, analysis start_routines and end_routines for all staging areas

- Sources and Modules: BI, CO, CRM, FI

SAP BI 7.2:

12.2011 – 08.2011

Freelancer function at profine in Troisdorf

Scope: Tasks in existing BW-project Country and BU


Role: Technical Development Consultant

- daily regular operations: monitoring load processes via process


- monthly regular operations: month-end closing processes of key

  figures sales reporting, manufacturing reporting and Country- and

  business units reporting

- Installing survey job to analyze failing processes of daily batch job

  stream incl. information mail to responsible system administrator

- Optimization MultiProvider and Cubes due to long response time

  behavior of queries

- Splitting data into separate Cubes for complete years Generating


- Setting provider specific properties of InfoObjects for relevant


- Installing job to analyze fault data load processes of daily jobs

  incl. mail info to system administrators

- Delivery of SAP-BW data sources to COGNOS-targets using

  Business Objects Data Integrator BODI-Jobs

- Performance analysis and optimization for long data load


- Reporting - "Dataflow" - conception and realization build DSOs

  and Cubes for Warehousing and Logistic data using BEx Query


- Reporting - "Dataflow" - conception and realization build DSOs for

  Ex Factory Price

- Reporting - "Dataflow" - conception and realization build DSOs

  and Cubes for direct costing of planning data

- Customer-Exits for enhancement components for attributes, texts

  (exit_saplrsap_002) DataSource 0MAT_PLANT_ATTR   

- Sources and Modules: BI, CO, CRM, FI

SAP BI 7.0:

09.2010 – 11.2010

Freelancer function at Fernuniversität Hagen

Scope: Tasks in new Project Installation SAP CRM and BW for Uni Hagen

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Reporting - "Dataflow" - conception and realization of reports

  using BEx Query Designer/Analyzer and WAD

- Inventory list after unit of organization Quarterreport (budget)

  Balance actual/actual comparison

- Profit and loss account actual/actual comparison

- Commercial report after PSP-elements

- Customer-Exits for enhancement components for transaction

  data (exit_saplrsap_001) DataSources 0FI_AA_11 and

  0FI_AA_12 using functions Customer-Exits for enhancement  

  components for attributes,texts (exit_saplrsap_002) DataSource

  0ASSET_ATTR using functions

- Co-operation in Intranet-/Internetportal

- Developing user manual portal administration

- SAP-Enterprise Portal:

   System-Administration, Monitoring, Authorizations, Content-

   Administration, Portal-Content, Roles, Worksets, User-

   Administration, Identity Management, Knowledge Management

   (KM), Collaboration Management

- Customizing manuals and holding workshops for end- and key

  user(BEx, WAD and Portal)

- Sources and Modules: BI, AM, CO, CRM, FI, HR

SAP BI 7.0:

05.2010 – 06.2010

Freelancer function at Otto in Hamburg

Scope: Designing Business Blueprint for Strategic Reorientation of BI-IT

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Requests

- Collecting of general requests to install Core DWH for IT and

  business scheduling and conducting workshops and interviews

- Definition of actual IT environment and target state of IT

- Topology

- Process definition

- BI function definition

- Layer model

- Architecture

- Data model

- Selection and definition of source systems

- Roadmap


SAP BI 7.0:

03.2010 – 05.2010

Freelancer function at Nord LB in hannover

Scope: Tasks in SAP BI 7.0 optimization of existing BI Systems

Subproject: Realizing Modern Balance Law (BilMoG) 

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Installing Balance-Dependent Account via virtual InfoProvider

- Update transformation routines, DTPs and process chains

- Analyzing load processes with too long process time

- Performance analysis and improvement load processes

- Upload flat files to application server

- Installing routine spooling output during load processes

- Sources and Modules: BI, BA, Flatfile

SAP BI 7.0:

09.2008 – 02.2010

Freelancer function at HP for MLP in Wiesloch 1st engagement

Scope: Tasks in SAP BI 7.0 optimization of existing BI Systems 

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Developing queries of divisions ”financing and home purchase

  savings” and ”money”

- Monitoring of pilot installation and fixing of load processes

- Performance analysis for long data load processes via debugging

- Installing process chains per division and relevant staging and consolidation areas

- Data Harmonization of master data of divisions ”pension funds”

  and ”property insurance” in staging step 1, assigning alphabetic  

  into numeric keys

- Management of product and business hierarchies

- Using error-stack and assigning semantic groups

- Installing Virtual Provider loaded direct by error-stack to provide

  collection report via query. Use of report-report connectivity to

  show errors of records which were not accepted in load stream.

- Debugging load process for divisions ”pension funds” and

  ”property insurance

- Developing InfoSets/MultiProvider to consolidate InfoProvider

  objects (F_PARTNER and BIPARTNER)

- Analyzing data flow and load processes of division ”pension

  funds” and ”property insurance

- Analyzing data flow and load processes of Infoprovider


- Which data sources belong to InfoCubes 

- Which DSOs are load  by Analysis Process Designer

- Analyzing assignment of queries to dependant infoprovider

- Sources and Modules: BI, CO, CRM, FI, Flatfile

SAP BI 7.0:

06.2008 – 08.2008

Freelancer function at Siemens for Evonik/Degussa in Frankfurt

Scope: Implementation of the new management structures in all IT systems after Business Units merger (12->6) of Evonik/Degussa

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Generating space statistics report using two tables

- Generating ALV list for entries in two tables

- Generating space statistics of PSA, ODS and Cubes in BW/BI

- Tasks in BW BEx and WEB: Validation the use of Business Unit variable ZVC_BU

-Checking FI- and HR- WEB Templates, Query Views and Queries

- Tasks in BPS0 main planning classes: Validation of SPRINT

  2008 / CS records

- Customizing ABAP4 -Functions

  Checking values of characteristics: item accounts, countries, etc.

  Checking assignment between quantity- and amount values for

  given item positions

  Checking identifier of partner companies

- Create Z-table to maintain old new Profit Center

- Realizing Maintenance of Z-table via SM30 and generate

  transaction using SE93

- Provide Z-table text headlines in Portuguese language

- Changing Report CS REPORT concerning 5 Queries and

  SPRINT conc. 4 Queries for Evonik Brazil

- Changing old node names to new node names

- Load SPRINT Cube data from STAR-FLATFILE data using

  ABAP4 -Functions

- Creating Z -table which contains reference item accounts old of  

  STAR and new of SPRINT inclusive -Realizing Maintenance of Z-

  table via SM30 and generate transaction using SE93

- Unload STAR Cube data to FLATFILE using ABAP4 -Report

- Sources and Modules: BI, AM, CRM, Flatfile

SAP BI 3.5/7.0:

02.2008 – 05.2008

Freelancer function at Siltronic AG in Burghausen

Scope: Tasks in SAP BI 7.0

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Realizing shipping reporting

  Complete development from ETL to realization reports using LO-

  Cockpit on ERP - System and RSA1 Modelling Workbench on BI

  - System

  Logistic Extractions Structures using Customizing Cockpit

  Logistic Application 12: change structures for existing

  transactional DSOs

  Extractor Checker: Checking changed and new structures

  Defining Generic DataSources for transparent Z-Tables and


  Replication of DataSources on BI-System

  Defining DSO Objects, Transformations and Info Packages

  Initiate new transfer for new structure LIS_12 using transaction


  Delete the Contents of the Setup Tables

  Filling new tables using Setup for new load of LE - deliveries

- Realizing concept for migration analytical authorizations from

  SAP 3.n to SAP BI 7.0

  Load basic table for new authorization concept using entries of

  tables agr_users, usrbf2, usr02 and ust12.

  Developing Dynpro for maintaining authorization objects and

  master data keys

  This ABAP-Dynpro provides the maintenance of all relevant key

  objects for requested InfoArea and User 

- Sources and Modules: BI, MM, CRM

SAP BI 7.0:

11.2007 – 01.2008

Freelancer function at Lohmann and Rauscher in Neuwied

Scope: Tasks in BPS

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Ascertaining main planning class for business volume

- Developing Report to ascertain percentage of sales for articles

  regarding sales organisation,  distribution channel and planning


- Ascertaining main planning class for receiving factory

- Developing Report for checking authority concept

- Customising automatic planning for loading target figures

- Sources and Modules: BI, CRM


SAP BI 7.0:

07.2007 – 12.2007

Freelancer function at bebit Informationstechnik GmbH for Bilfinger and Berger Mannheim

Scope: Tasks in BEx Query Designer/Analyser

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Developing Report roles and user authorities for hierarchies and

  consolidation groups

- Managing Pickups in Reporting demands on Approval System.

- Copying and modulating Queries and Workbooks for Joint

  Venture project.

- Analysis and Repair of BW Objects using Transaction /nrsrv.

- Sources and Modules: BI, CO, CRM, FI

SAP BI 3.5:

08.2006 – 06.2007

Freelancer function at Klingel in Pforzheim

Scope: Tasks in Administrator Workbench and BPS Planning workbench

Role: Technical Development Consultant

- Managing of process chains

- Scheduling Data - Extraction from Modules SAP R/3 FI, CO, CRM and using InfoSources and InfoPackages for FLATFILE -Transferring Actual Data from Mainframe - Environment 

- Administration Actual data and Planning Data Cubes

- Developing Stakeholder Key Figures using Update Rules while  

  Loading Update data

- Loading Basic data from FI/CO and purchasing department into

  Actual Data Cube

- Generating relevant Items from Actual data Cube into ODS –


- Running Batch Job for Reading ODS Dataset records and

  Loading Actual data Cube while using update rules

- Debugging update rules, Simulation and Delete Booking

- Deleting loaded Data from Cube using Delete with Request

  number or Selective Delete

- Optimizing long running queries by Developing aggregates for

  relevant Key Figures and Characteristics

- Error handling after installation new InfoPackages: Replication of

  relevant objects

- Analysis and Repair of BW Objects using Transaction /nrsrv.

- Designing of Reports Layout for the departments Controlling,

  Retail and Marketing

- Creating Request descriptions and Report Layout

  documentations in cooperation with the Stakeholder departments

  Developing Planning requirement: ”Managing indicators” for dep.


- Developing Planning Area using Transaction BPS0,

- Creating Planning Layer, Package, Ad-Hoc Package for request

Tasks in BEx Query Analyser, Web Application Designers and WAD -Administration

- Publishing Exception Reports using SAPConnect and Information


- Scheduling Reports using limit value variables

- Report Contence Validitation Check against Multiprovider using

  Transaction LISTCUBE

- Developing Formula to Caculate Percetagefunctions %

  (Percetage variance) and %A (Percetage share)

- Developing Queries using Data Functions: COUNT, NODIM

- Developing Queries using Boolean Operators

- Handling Formula Collision in columns and rows (Competing


- Developing Structures for multiple use

- Checking technical tables RSRREPDIR (Queries) and  

  RSZGLOBV (Query-Variables)

- Using Parameters in Queries

- Handling variables using Variables-Wizard and Variables-Editor

- Developing Text variables and Charcteristic variables incl.

  replacement Path

- Managing, Arranging and Grouping Reports for the persons


- Developing Variables using Enhancements for global variables in

  reporting called Customer -Exit

- Realisation of Customer -Exit using Customer  

  Modification(CMOD), creating Project.

- Inserting ABAP – Source code into Copy ZXRSRU01 using SAP-

  Enhancement RSR00001.

- Testing/Debugging the Functionality of Customer -Exits using

  Transaction /nrsrt2

General Tasks

- Using Transport Connection using Transactions: SE09, SE10 and


- Coordinating activities in cooperation with the Stakeholder


- Sources and Modules: BI, CO, FI, SD, Flatfile